Chef Perso: an enthusiastic home chef in the Luberon


My passion: offer some pleasure to your papillae!

Passionate about cooking since the age of 10, I carry on my daily know-how through my activity as a Chef at home in the Luberon.
By offering you Home Dinners, Home Pastry Classes, Home Cooking Classes and Home Birthday Tasting Workshops in the Luberon, I invite you to share my passion for French gastronomy and the magical products of our regions, particullary the Luberon in Vaucluse.
At your service when you book a gourmet menu, dinner date or home cooking class or birthday party at home, you can contact me without any problem so that we can jointly validate your desires or your needs.
You can also offer gift cards to please your loved ones!


My charter of quality and flavors

My products: natural

All my dishes are made with fresh market, organic or French products. Passionate about cooking since my childhood, I do not hesitate to browse the markets and small producers in order to find the best products of the season.

My approach: simple and closer to the flavors

Wishing to work independently, I am all the more rigorous and I take care of all the stages myself: from the choice of products, natural, fresh, organic, seasonal, through the creation of recipes, suitable for all the tastes and varied, up to the aesthetics and the presentation of the plate. This is what makes my guests satisfied and loyal!

My kitchen: suitable for all

I’m not forgetting anyone! If you are a vegetarian, if you have food allergies, if you want menus suitable for children, please let me know, we will find a solution together!