Menu “Saveurs de Provence”

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Franck, Chef  at home of exclusive and famous  dinners, suggests you the menu “Saveurs de Provence” A menu to dive into all the flavors of Vaucluse, tomatoes ,the olive, the honey, the eggplants and the zucchinis without forgetting the sweet note of red berries.. You will not forget so early this dinner at home, in the intimacy of your house, or in the peace of your  garden, tasting dishes deserving of big French tables. Furthermore, you will take advantage of the know-how and the kindness of Franck, which will deliver you one or two small cooking secrets!


Tomatoes millefeuille basil chives

The originality of this starter

An inescapable entry or all the most beautiful flavors of Provence come together to make you salivate as if you start with a dessert!


Ribs in honey from Provence, fresh market vegetable tian soja noddles

The originality of this main course

The delicacy of a meat in the exalting flavors and aim at the same time, a vegetables tian of the market associated by the best products of the summer


Strawberry and raspberry charlotte, vanilla ice cream

The originality of this dessert

An ultra light dessert to finish your meal in a balance of sweetness, sweet food and the best fresh red berries.

Wine advice

For this menu, take  a red wine  Domaine de La Bastidonne à Cabrières d’Avignon

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