Menu “Terre et mer”

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Franck, Chef  at home of exclusive and famous  dinners, suggests you the menu “Terre et mer”.  A menu which will allow you to travel by associating the best products of the oceans and the land, for a complete escape of the flavors at the end of meal towards the islands of the Indian Ocean. You will not forget so early this dinner at home, in the intimacy of your house, or in the peace of your  garden, tasting dishes deserving of big French tables. Furthermore, you will take advantage of the know-how and the kindness of Franck, which will deliver you one or two small cooking secrets!


Raw salmon on a bed of citrus fruit, sweet and spicy avocado cream

The originality of this starter

The freshness incredible in this summer period. A soft and smooth marine entrance raised by citrus fruits and spices.


Roast lamb with tomatoes and Provencal herbs

The originality of this main course

A pure delight of fondant! The roasted lamb is of a tenderness and an incomparable generosity. The roasted tomatoes come to sublimate this exceptional meat.

Note: recognized and wished, the lamb of Sisteron became the reference in term of flavors and tenderness.


Roasted pineapple with sesame

The originality of this dessert

The best of pineapple, the sweetest and the juiciest, with a vanilla sauce to have an The freshness absolved in this summer period.

Wine advice

For this menu, take  an Haut de la Jacotte Red 2013 Domaine de la Verrière

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